How can you improve your support?

Support of users and customers is a vital part of everyday life in an IT department. However, many companies do not have a real support solution and employ either mails or homemade solutions. 

Today, however, requirements to a secure follow up on tickets, SLA on solutions and responses, time registration of tasks, customer portals etc. are increasing. ManageEngine’s web-based solutions can help you with that. The solutions are all scalable and you can start with a basic solution and extend that with more features as you go along.

Do you recognize the following:

  • Tiresome/difficult to get started?
  • Expensive to purchase?
  • Difficult to customize and adjust?
  • Impossible without calling expensive consultants and having knowledge of programming

With ManageEngine, you can always be confident that it is:

  • Easy to get started
  • Price friendly
  • Easy to customize yourself

See the various solutions below or give us a call on +45 45 76 20 21 and have a talk about which solution will suit your requirements best.


Client helpdesk

  • SupportCenter
Intern helpdesk
  •    ServiceDesk OnPremises 
  •    ServiceDesk Ondemand  

MSP helpdesk

  • ServiceDesk MSP

Asset Management

  • Asset Explorer
Desktop Management
  • Desktop Central

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